Health Solutions

By providing innovative technologies and applications that better organize information, move it securely, and connect all stakeholders, TELUS Health empowers customers to efficiently share more meaningful information, which ultimately, drives better health outcomes.

Solutions for Pharmacists

TELUS Health’s Pharmacy Management Solutions offer medication management tools for pharmacists to run a better business and place care right into patients’ hands.

Solutions for Physicians

TELUS Health’s Solutions for Physicians promote collaboration across the care continuum, accelerating efficiency, increasing patient satisfaction and improving patient care.

Solutions for Allied Healthcare Providers

Helping to streamline business operations and make benefits claims management easy, TELUS Health offers a range of solutions for Allied Healthcare Providers such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and more.

Solutions for Health Regions, Hospitals and Homecare

Focused on the entire continuum of care, TELUS Health provides quick access to vital data through a full range of solutions that encourage collaboration and increase efficiency.

Solutions for Insurers and Employers

TELUS Health helps make the process of benefits claims management more efficient for companies, insurance providers and their plan members.

Solutions for Workers’ Compensation Boards

TELUS Health provides a customizable, secure, seamless electronic claims process that gets employees their payments quicker, resulting in better work outcomes, reduced administrative costs, reduced healthcare costs and increased workflow efficiencies.

Solutions for Consumers

Taking advantage of next-generation technology, TELUS Health empowers Canadians to better manage their health, as well as the health of their loved ones, at home and wherever life takes them.

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